Welcome to Margay. The goal of this project is to provide an open source web application code generator for the Struts framework. Based on a high level design provided by you, Margay will generate the jsp, business objects, DAO, and Struts components for a functional web application ready to be deployed.

Code generators come in a wide verity of capabilities ranging from the creation of a single function up to complete bi-directional products. Margay is focused near the top. As such Margay has the ability to provide an application that is functional and should reach 80 percent of the finial product needed. That remaining 20 percent is left up to you to complete and allows you the freedom to have an application that reflects how you write applications and will set the final result apart from all others.

Margay is designed to operate in an MVC (Model Control View) environment. This enables Margay to have both Web designers and Application programmers working on the same project in their respective areas of expertise.

App Generation Flow
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